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for underprivileged children and young people overseas


Our Overseas Mission

We are a UK charity with a mission to support underprivileged children and young people overseas, providing tangible items requested by the children's carers.

Our Home Mission

Giving is a joy - letting go of a gift, allowing the blessing to go to others who are less well off. It's an investment in another's life, but also an investment in ourselves. Who knows how far the goodness of that gift spreads? It may go beyond the material world and enter the spiritual.

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Current Projects
uniform & stationery


One hundred and ninety-three street children will now be able to take up their free school places this year, thanks to our supporters' donations added to money already raised by our partner, FISCH.

In Tanzania the school year begins in January, and the government there provides school places for all children, both at primary and at secondary level. However, pupils must supply their own uniform and stationery, and that is beyond the street children.


We have sent FISCH £3,828 to ensure that no child misses out. Whilst in the UK uniform and stationery might not be at the top of a typical child’s Christmas list, in Tanzania it means such a lot! It was a wonderful Christmas present.

Implementing - not currently fundraising


The shipment left the Tools for Self-Reliance (TSR) warehouse near Southampton on 17 November, and is due to arrive in Mozambique at the end of January; from there it will be transported by land to Blantyre, Malawi. It will provide kits of refurbished carpentry tools to five locations in the country. The kits will be used to give vocational training to young people, and to help them start up in business. Many thanks to the team at TSR for despatching the goods ahead of schedule.

Implementing - not currently fundraising

When you give to a project,

100% of the money you give goes to that project!

Nothing is taken out for our administration, transaction fees, etc.

How do we do that?

How to Give


Life-skills, through the medium of sport, for the 'fatherless generation' in South Africa - providing prizes, equipment and kit - balls, Bibles, slalom poles, socks and boots - for holiday clubs and weekly coaching.

A new, more infectious, strain of coronavirus has hit South Africa, and so they are back in lockdown, as we are in the UK.

This fallow time is being used to develop plans to increase the reach and effectiveness and the work.

Implementing - not currently fundraising



If we have reached our fundraising objectives for all our projects, donations will be held in our 'Where Needed Most' Fund. This money will be used, when needed, to extend current projects, or to maintain them, or to fund a new project.

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