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for underprivileged children and young people overseas


When you give to a project,

100% of the money you give goes to that project!

Nothing is taken out for our administration, transaction fees, etc.

How do we do that?

Current Projects and Funds
tailoring design Malawi youth employment skills environment

Tailoring & Design

Fundraising Now

Training in tailoring & design for positive youth employment, showcasing youth skills, reducing environmental damage and supporting Malawi

sanitary pads school girls attendance Malawi Environmenstrual Week

Girls' Access to Education

Fundraising Now and implementing

Helping increase attendance at Kaputu School, Malawi, by supplying the girls with sanitary pads which are locally-made, reusable, and last about 2 years.

school building, class sizes, Uganda, building project

Room to Learn

Implementing - not currently fundraising

Reduce the average class from 130 to 87 at Bughungu Primary School, Uganda, by building new classrooms. The school was burnt down 20 years ago in a terrorist insurgency.

life-skills, rugby, South Africa, Helderberg, fatherless

Life-Skills through Sport

Implementing - not currently fundraising

Life-skills, through the medium of sport, for the 'fatherless generation' in South Africa - providing prizes, equipment and kit - balls, Bibles, slalom poles, socks and boots - for holiday clubs, weekly coaching, and leadership development.

soap-making manufacture Malawi Lilongwe

Lilongwe Youth - Making Soap

Implementing - not currently fundraising

Under the guidance of the community, local chiefs, and the Lilongwe Youth Organisation, young people chose the idea of establishing a soap-making business. We are supporting the business in such a way that it can continue training and employing young people from year to year.

underprivileged children young overseas

Where Needed Most

Always available for donations

If we have reached our fundraising objectives for all our projects, donations will be held in our 'Where Needed Most' Fund. This money will be used, when needed, to extend current projects, or to maintain them, or to fund a new project. If we have several projects on the go you can donate to this fund if you don't mind which one you support.

How to Give
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