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Welcome Rohan!

28 April 2021


Today we welcome our new trustee, Rohan Lewis.

Rohan grew up in a conventional family and attended the Anglican church. She was confirmed in 1965. She taught in a Primary School in London for 7 years, with a class and responsibility for music. She met and married Richard, her husband rather quickly during 1979 and never regretted it. They spent 13 years in Africa, living in Liberia, Kenya, Swaziland and Zimbabwe. Richard worked as an agronomist and they travelled widely and had some wonderful experiences. She hopes some of these she can bring as a trustee to Natalya’s Fund. They saw examples of both good and bad charity work from the UK. She taught in schools when possible. They started a family and left Africa in 1992 with three daughters.  They moved to Wales in 1993 and now live on a holder farm outside Abergavenny. She taught deaf children for 13 years. In 2007 she left the Anglican church and became a Quaker.

Thank you to Janeann

5 July 2020


Our thanks go to Janeann Hammond, who has been a trustee since 7 December 2015, for all her support and ideas; she feels it’s the right time for her to step down, and will leave ‘the board’ on 31 August. It was she who introduced us to FISCH, whom we have been supporting since February 2017, for which many people are grateful – both here and in Tanzania, including many street children now able to attend school or to begin to make their own way in life. She has also played her part in helping us ensure we continue to meet Government guidance on running the charity. We will miss her.


Having said that, I fully expect us to cross paths again from time to time: before lockdown we occasionally met fleetingly as I cycled past her running group going in the opposite direction! And no doubt we will continue to meet in the local community.


Andrew Leighton, chair of trustees