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Bouncy Castle and Trampoline for Kenya


A grant of £2940 was given to cover the cost of buying and installing a large bouncy castle and a large trampoline at the Matumaini Rehabilitation Centre in Molo, Kenya. The Centre is dedicated to caring for the needs of disabled, orphaned and destitute children and young people, helping them reach their full potential in life and giving hope for a good future. The items have been installed in their newly-completed playground.


Rev. Florence Habwe of the Rehabilitation Centre writes, "We received funds for a big trampoline and a big bouncy castle. When I went to Nairobi, I negotiated with Kenkana, the firm selling the trampoline and the bouncy castle and was discounted which enabled us to purchase a television to replace the broken one. Thank you, Thank you and Thank you again. Our play ground is complete."

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