soap-making manufacture Malawi Lilongwe

Lilongwe Youth - Making Soap

Under the guidance of the community, local chiefs, and the Lilongwe Youth Organisation, young people chose the idea of establishing a soap-making business. We provided the equipment, materials and training to establish the business in such a way that it can continue training and employing young people from year to year.

sanitary pads school girls attendance Malawi

Girls' Access to Education

Helping increase attendance at Kaputu School, Malawi, by supplying the girls with sanitary pads which are locally-made, reusable, and last about 2 years.

uniform, stationery, school, Tanzania, Iringa, street-children

Iringa Street Children

Giving a future to these Tanzanian street children by providing access to school, vocational training and many other things.

life-skills, rugby, South Africa, Helderberg, fatherless

Life-Skills through Sport

Life-skills, through the medium of sport, for the 'fatherless generation' in South Africa - providing prizes, equipment and kit - balls, Bibles, slalom poles, socks and boots - for holiday clubs, weekly coaching, and leadership development.

Malawi, female carpenter, carpentry training, carpentry business start-up

Tools for Self-Reliance

Kits of refurbished carpentry tools sent to five locations in Malawi to allow young people to get vocational training and to set up in business.


​Project status: fundraising only by sale of CDs and cassettes

​Support the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at this hopsital in Lithuania by buying a CD (or even a cassette - can you remember those?) of a live recording of Lithuanian musicians playing music by a Lithuanian composer. The CD cover features a beautiful painting by the composer.


How we are helping underprivileged children and young people overseas